Thinking Into Results

It doesn’t matter how you think you arrived here on this planet or under whose
direction ? the fact remains that each of us has specific talents and gifts that are uniquely
coded within our own DNA.

As you go through life, you don’t just pick up things you like doing by chance.
You discover what you’re good at because you were meant to discover it, just as you
were meant to figure out what your fingers do, and how your elbows work. Your unique
gifts are hard-wired into your system just as surely as your lungs are given their blueprint
to breathe.

And it’s from these specific talents and gifts that you’re able to define and
determine your definite purpose ? the reason why you’re here. What’s in you cannot be
found in another living human being. In fact, it’s quite possible that what you bring to the
table hasn’t been duplicated ? ever ? since time began.